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Founded in 2019, in Portland, OR, Knuckledragger Games was borne from a singular desire; use technology to simplify contemporary gaming. We saw the ways that new systems and tools were pushing modern board games forward and we wanted to create a space where these could be explored. While it may not always be present in every game we make, this tech exploration underpins our actions at every move. What we hope to achieve is games with a great deal of depth, augmented in ease of access by the tech that we're able to develop. As our experimentation continues, these integrations will become more apparent. Stay tuned folks!


Ceo, Lead Designer, Caveman King

Shawn Kaufman


The handsome devil at the head of this ragtag band; he makes it look easy by writing his own bios. Having spent the majority of his late teenage years bumming around assorted hobby shops, he was deeply ingratiated into the world of hobby games. Like so many, he spent far too much of his money on Magic cards and 40k sets at this time.


He later sharpened his narrative and entertainment skills while he earned his BA in Theatre from Central Washington University. His experience with theatre has majorly informed his game designs. Some of his favorite board games are Scrabble, Carcassonne and Codenames.

Artistic Lead, Cave Painter, Head slapper

Charlie Kaufman


The voice of reason in the madhouse that our horde can frequently be. While the scope of her job is technically limited to design and art, more often she serves as the cool, even voice when things get wild. 


In terms of her actual job though, she's no slouch. She has nearly 10 years of gallery-featured art and has won awards in both national and regional art shows. Some of her favorite board games are Carcassonne, Dead of Winter and Cryptid.

Administrator, Designer, Office Warlock

Sarah Edmunson


Having clearly made some manner of supernatural bargain, her fervor for organization is fiendish. In her absence, we would be totally lost, likely buried under piles of paperwork and takeout boxes.


She also assists with game design, not just from an organizational standpoint, but also as an amazing creative force. The rest of us are very excited to see what new designs she comes up with. Some of her favorite games are DnD (5e), Pathfinder, and Cards Against Humanity.

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