Art: Charlie       kaufman,

Emily Powers

Set-collection hunting sim

Designed by

Shawn kaufman

2 - 6 Players, 

14 Years +

90 - 120 Minutes

YEEHHHHAWWW!!! It's Human Season!

You and your buddies down at the Lodge have been talking a big game about big game all year. Now it’s time to put up or shut up. Be the first to fill your tags and then spend the rest of the season relaxing at the lodge with a cold beer and some tall tales.

Human Season is a competitive 2-6 player set-collection, hunting simulator in which you and your friends play as forest critters racing to bag and tag 7  Humans.  Get stocked up, hunt em down and bring em back to the lodge. 

Coming to Kickstarter; Summer 2020 

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