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Updated: May 19

If Wikipedia's list is to be believed, then there are at least 101 game publishers out there.

Being that I have freedom, I'm not going to do any further research. So how are we gonna stand out from the exactly 101 competitors that exist.

Embracing the Ameritrash

Ameritrash is a term that gets used a lot on board game fansites and forums, usually in contrast to Euro-style games. Ameritrash games are characterized by a strong focus on theme, direct interactions between players and heavy use of random elements. That just sounds like all of my favorite games.

I'm proud to embrace the Ameritrash label. Our games are all about theme. There's an incredible feeling when a game pulls you in and a strong theme is the thing that does that most readily. Strong theming also makes complicated rulesets so much more digestible.

Entropic Thunder

Who doesn't love rolling dice and drawing cards. These acts of random chance permeate games so deeply that their absence is more notable than their presence. Randomness means you aren't only in competition with the other players but with the game itself. It enables smart players to adapt to changing circumstances. Our games find new ways to embrace and manipulate random chance.

The best way to add randomness is to enable players lots of interaction. It turns out, humans are super good at doing seemingly random things. This is why we try to enable player interactivity at any opportunity. If we've done our job correctly, no two playthroughs of any of our games will feel the same.

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